Exploration techniques: Radon can help find uranium, rare earths, oil & gas.
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Radon discoveries at Patterson Lake South in Athabasca Principles of radon geochemistry
Radon anomaly (1972) in Midwest Lake over orebody Thelon: Radon-Radium anomalies in lakes at Kiggavik
Radon and radium in lake-bottom waters and sediments for drill targets Athabasca: Radon anomaly over McClean Lake North
Uranium anomalies in organic lake sediments might be false if not accompanied by high radium More than pathfinders,
radium and radon are direct indicators of uranium
Soil and snow anomaly over Faraday Mine, Bancroft Reconnaissance drainage surveys:
Radon, Radium respond to Bancroft deposits
Transport distance in glacial boulder trains In geochemical prospecting with soils and sediments
radium is more direct than uranium
Wintertime surveys:
snow cover and frozen lakes
Radon does not come out of solid rock
but fractures are useful
Radon/Thoron anomaly through 18 meters of Karoo Sandstone in Madagascar Radon/thoron ratios add important refinement
Southeast Texas: Radium in well water gives closely defined targets Grants, New Mexico: Radon determinations in air in drill holes can reduce the cost of drilling
vegetation some notes on radon geochemistry
Dry stream sediments Dry areas: radon in drainage winds
Radon/thoron ratios in OIL AND GAS exploration Radon Geochemistry in Evaluation of NAPL Contamination
Radon migration from depth:
does it happen? how?
Radon, thoron and radium in exploration for rare earths
Teaching and research Radon and thoron in groundwater exploration
Our radon anomalies are repeatable Earthquake prediction
Other: geothermal, faults, helium etc.
details later
List of experts familiar with our
Lucas-cell radon system applied to uranium exploration
Our other radon instruments and applications Multilingual consulting and training (if required)

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