Our instruments have several names:
radon counters, portable radon detectors, emanometers, sniffers, lucas cells, alpha scintillometers

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Portable Radon Detector

Water Degassing System

Lucas Cells

The Lucas-cell counting system like ours is (to our knowledge) the only method with sufficiant sensitivity for lake water surveys and the only way to determine thoron (radon-220) and hence radon/thoron ratios. In just a few minutes, our instrument counts 75% of the thoron atoms in the sample, hence giving us an accurate determination of the ratio.
One operator suggested using a gamma-ray spectrometer at the sample site to identify thoron. Given the short (55-second) half-life, it is unlikely that enough thoron would migrate into the soil gas to give a gamma signal recognizably above background from gamma emitting daughters of thoron locked in mineral grains.
Several other radon systems have been marketed and used for uranium exploration. I have listed them below for the sake of completeness, but I'm not sure if any of them have the sensitivity for radon/thoron ratios and lake water surveys:
various alpha track (etched track or track etch) detectors using sensitized cellulose nitrate film or filmstrips, alphaNuclear, Electret (EIC), rad elec, e-perm, ionization chambers, granular activated charcoal or carbon filters (canisters), thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD chips).

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  • We measure: radon - radium - thoron - radon daughters - alpha radiation.
  • The Lucas cell is recognized as the most sensitive and reliable method for these elements.
  • Our instruments are used around the world in exploration for uranium, oil & gas, groundwater and hydrothermal, and in health physics, earthquake prediction, and evaluation of hydrocarbon and NAPL contamination.
  • In the radon business since 1968, our latest major instrument update was 2011.
  • Modern, low-power, field-rugged electronics. Some earlier versions still working after 35 years.
  • Winter and summer, from the Sahara Desert to the Canadian Shield, our instruments have faced up to severe field conditions.
  • Sensitive to geochemical trace levels necessary for radon in lake water and for radon-thoron isotope ratios.
  • Can work in a tent without electricity or be carried from point to point in the field.
  • 50 readings per day. Results available immediately.
  • Rechargeable battery pack good for a long day in the field and recharges in a few hours.
  • Can be operated by junior personnel if carefully supervised.
  • Same instruments used for radon and radium in soil, sediment, plant parts, rocks, water, soil gas, air, and snow, and for radon daughters in air.
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