Midwest Lake
Radon in surface water

Our radon detectors are based on the Lucas cell,

  • Sensitive to radon thoron ratios
  • Sensitive to low levels of radon for radon in lake water
  • Basis of EPA Method 903.1 for radium in water.
  • Instant results at the sample site for follow up
Details of our instruments

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Midwest Lake
Radon in surface water

  • Note the high radon values near the orebody and low values elsewhere.
  • The radon anomaly was confirmed in 3 different summers by 3 different operators, all before the orebody was discovered by drilling.
  • First (1969), Bondar-Clegg carried out a water survey at a spacing of one sample per square mile. This survey included only one sample near the orebody and it ran 19 pCi/L in radon, which they identified as "probably anomalous". This sample was not anomalous in uranium.
  • Later (1972), in a more detailed survey, I collected water samples by canoe from shallow water around the edge and analysed them for radon in a tent. My results are shown in the figure.
  • Several years later the orebody was discovered by the drill (shown in solid black on the figure)
  • All the lakes in the region should be sampled like this, and in favourable areas bottom samples should be tested as well.
radon anomaly over Midwest Lake uranium deposit
If the water in Midwest Lake had been a few feet higher, the radioactive boulder train would have been submerged, but the orebody could have been found with a radon survey.
We have similar results from Kiggavik.

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