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Our focus: We list products and services only. has its own database of products and services. It is not a search engine. Search engines send robots (spiders or web crawlers) into millions of web sites to copy every word. When you search it looks through all these words. Try gold mines in Peru in a search engine and you might find

"...When we got off the plane in Peru people were having trouble spotting their bags, but for mine it was no problem. I have my name on my luggage in gold letters...."

You won't find things like this in -- because we focus on products and services.
  • We have the skills, and take the time to make the listings by hand. No robots.

  • Our search is hierarchical. When it finds more than three or four screens full of data, it shows you how to narrow the search.

  • You don't need a web site or email, just some way your customers can find you. is a searchable directory of products and services, but what a directory! We specialize in the hard-to-find, and that can include pretty well everything. See our examples below.
Using our powerful relational database management system we are able to list and find hundreds of different products and services for any one supplier.
And why stop at the edge of town, or the border. works around the world.

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